Take a moment to find out about laminate flooring

Laminate flooring is a fantastic choice for every room in your home, with plenty of benefits. You'll find it's a perfect match for your decor. But it also provides the level of durability you want for your rooms.

And with such great benefits, you'll enjoy a lifespan that could reach more than 20 years. Of course, a professional installation helps achieve this goal, as will regular cleaning and maintenance. So, find out more about what could become your next floor covering.

Consider laminate's beauty

When you shop for laminate flooring, you'll find visuals that mimic natural stone and wood. Enjoy a wealth of colors, styles, designs, and formats for an authentic experience. Each choice gives you plenty of potential decor matches, so browse with care. Trends make a difference when considering wood and stone looks. Wood trends like whitewashed and light stain colors could keep you current for years to come. And stone trends like marble and travertine can do the same with or without grout.

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Enjoy a durable surface in every room

These floors are perfect for even your busiest areas with pets and children. Laminate wood flooring gives you a variety of thicknesses in the materials and the wear layer on top. The thicker the materials, the more durable they will be so that you can shop with confidence. You'll also find water-resistant choices. These are perfect for foyers, children's rooms, and kitchens, but work in every room. It's just another level of durability that makes these floors so appealing.

What can you expect from installation?

The installation process is quick and easy, wherever you place them. A floating floor offers the fastest installation with other laminate options. Be sure to ask which options are best for your specific subfloor materials for the best results.
Laminate flooring in Rockville, MD from Central Floors

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